Monja Coen Roshi

Fotos - Pictures Brazil

Dear Coen ROSHI,
How wonderful it all was, your great Shinsanshiki, the travelling around through beautiful Brazil, together with our beloved Hojo-san and also Enjo-san and Kono-san, and the very nice byebyeparty with you and your sangha-members.
Thank you so much, you took care of Hojo-san and me in a lovely way, organizing great sleepingplaces, choosing very nice restaurants, sharing your heart and time whereever it was possible.
And I was very much moved by the way you lived your Shinsanshiki, it was truly impressive, you being so deeply soft and strong as a rock at the same time. I feel very privileged and I am very grateful to live this wonderful friendship with Hojo-san and in that meeting you in such an important moment in your life.
I wish to send you some pictures, as a memory of the beautiful time we all had.
And I hope and expect the words of Hojo-san about you being a Roshi will so soon get a formal continuation!
For now I send you my love,

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